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Why Choose TBPM?

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Uncover the benefits of letting us work for you.

Inclusive Property Management

We are Port Townsend and Jefferson County's only inclusive Property Management Brokerage. No sales. The ONLY focus we have is managing your property!

Problem Solvers & Communication Experts

Our team is passionate about nurturing the relationships we build with our clients and tenants. It is the foundation of our business. We are problem solvers and communication experts, and you are our highest priority.

Ethical & Professional

We pride our services on ongoing training and our NARPM designation, we are always up to date on new laws, rules, and Landlord/Tenant regulations. We are the liaison required in securing your investment. 

Over 30 Years Experience

TBPM was founded by John & Donna Doney in 1993, joining them one year later, Christina Nelson. TBPM has had the pleasure of building multiple relationships in Port Townsend and Jefferson County, both with clients and tenants. Most clients and tenants have loyally continued using our services for decades. We are committed to serving our community and look forward to working with you meeting your property management needs too!

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