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There are 3 main categories of maintenance: preventative, corrective and emergency. When should you as a tenant report a maintenance issue to Property Management? 

TBPM recommends that you troubleshoot the issue first. Below you will find clickable categories of home maintenance, there are links below on troubleshooting common issues that you as the tenant will need to follow before reporting any maintenance issues. 

We encourage you to do this before calling Property Management to issue a work order. In your tenant maintenance responsibilities document that you signed as part of your lease package, it clearly states the tenant will be responsible for payment of service provided if the maintenance issue is at the fault of the tenant. We know the costs of living are high, we want to help eliminate those costs.

However, if after you have walked through the troubleshooting per your maintenance issue, we suggest reporting your maintenance issue to TBPM at that time and we will issue a work order to the appropriate source for repair.

What is and emergency? Anything involving water line breaks, flooding, electrical outages, heating outages, hot water heater outages, fires are classified as an emergency and should be reported immediately to 360 385 3896. Our after hours and weekend emergency line is: 855 461 4645.

TBPM conducts annual maintenance inspections at the time of your lease renewal to asses for needed repairs, as well as conducting thorough move in and move out inspections. We encourage timely reporting of emergency needed repairs and also educating yourself on tenant maintenance responsibilities and winter care for the property you are renting for preventative care.

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