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Tenant Screening Process

How do you qualify to rent with TBPM?

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TBPM Qualification Requirements

  • You must provide proof of income 3 times the months rent.

  • We accept your most recent paystub with year to date income listed, or a new hire letter stating salary, job title, and starting date. If you are self employed you will need to provide the last two years of tax returns, and finally if you are retired we accept deposit slips, investment and/or social security earning documentation.

  • Pass a Credit Report, refer to our Tenant Selection Policy.

  • Pass a Criminal Background Check, refer to our Tenant Selection Policy.

  • Provide the last two consecutive rental references which cannot be of relation to you.

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Tenant Selection Policy

Click here to review our Tenant Selection Policy.

This policy clearly defines all requirements for our screening and application process.

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Moving House
Moving House


Results of the tenant screening are typically available in 24-48 hours after submitted. One of our Property Managers will be in contact with you to discuss the results with approval or adverse action.

Should an adverse action be determined, you will be sent a notice of adverse action to your mailbox and/or email.

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Emotional Support Animal

Service Animal Policy

Click here to review HUDs assistance animal criteria.

We pride our services on Fair Housing in our community and follow applicable laws to follow Fair Housing Practice.

Our policy at TBPM is that we will reasonably accommodate a request for an assistance animal if a property has a no pet policy with proper documentation, this documentation must be submitted with your application.

Please also click here to learn about pet owner liability.

Call our office to learn more.

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